Defence Collaboration and Logistics


Editor’s Note

Is the mutual solidarity and trust in the European defense landscape strong enough to stand the increasing threat? Shared threat perception is one of the requirements for a common defense policy. So far, transatlantic solidarity, trust and shared threat perception seem to be holding. Threats become asymmetric and unforeseeable. The deteriorating security landscape calls for the European armed forces to produce even more readiness to counter even more unpredictable enemies posing. On the other hand, defense spending continue to decline. “Cost-effectiveness” is on everyone's lips - but what is cost-effectiveness? How is it measured, and what does it take to achieve it?

Over the last 6 years, Defence Collaboration & Logistics has been focusing on public-private co-operation in defense logistics. A lot has changed in Europe since 2010, and at the same time it hasn’t. There is a lack of collaboration between the industry, MoD’s and Armed Forces even though trustful partnership is an increasing necessity. Whilst the industry needs to trust the defense forces commitment to open up to real co-operation, the defense forces must genuinely accept its need for industry support and at the same time trust the industry’s intention and loyalty if things get tough.

There is a common objective and a willingness to discuss. On this platform I’d like to appeal for lifting up the discussion and for finding a common language. How can ambition be turned into action? How can a dialog addressing the potentials be created? What can be learned from experiences of other industries and their public and private collaboration? These are important questions for European defense forces, industry, and ultimately the security of Europe.

Welcome to the 2016 Edition of Defence Collaboration and Logistics.

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