The speaker list for Defence Collaboration and Logistics 2014 will be published here shortly. These speakers consist of high level executives from leading global organizations and covering the defence industries and armed forces.



Download the agenda for Defence Collaboration and logistics 2014 as a PDF file: Defence Collaboration and logistics 2014.pdf



“Very well organized conference with good discussion“
Torben Jensen, VP & Head of Operational Excellence, Saab Support and Services  


“Well organized and well objected”
Major General Antonios Chatzidakis (Ret’d) Former General Manager, NAMSA


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Editor’s Note – Defence Collaboration and Logistics 2014

“Many will agree that the only way forward is reorganisation of armed forces, multilateral collaboration especially when it comes to pooling and sharing and closer collaboration with the defence industry in Europe which is also starting to feel the full effects of recent defence budget shortcuts. “

As I am writing this note, I recall on an article titled “Shrinking Europe Military Spending Stirs Concern” published in April 2013 by The New York Times where the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen alarmed by years of cuts to military spending was quoted saying that “European nations, together had slashed $45 billion, or the equivalent of Germany’s entire military budget, endangering the alliance’s viability, its mission and its relationship with the United States”. Further down in the article it was written that Europe is moving toward a “combination of the unable and the unwilling, acting as a free riders instead of working seriously on how they can work together.”

Defence Conference In challenging times being idle is not an option. Even in time of austerity armed forces need to be able to defend their countries and make sure that every soldier and equipment is operational and ready. Maintenance division should not wait a year in order to get one specific spare part; projects should not wait for several years for lawyers to find a way to agree; warfighters should not stay on ground because of lack of fuel; coalition operations should not underperform because of unstandardized equipment and supply. From my standpoint as a generalist I would say that there is a need of turning “Ambition to Action” and a more open dialog based on what to do and then how to do it.

Lets stop defining every detail of why PPP is not widely established. There are lot of examples inside and outside the Defence sector proving that this is possible and we are going to show some of them. It is more than evident that everyone is trying to do more with less. The MOD´s and armed forces are fundamentally changing the way they work, priorities they set, programs they fund, weapons they buy and how do they buy them. Instead, lets start talking about opportunities and meet each other halfway. Bring your colleagues, superiors, peers, partners, examples, projects, products, demos, thoughts and lets turn this opportunities into actions. After all this is a conference on how to collaborate. So lets start collaborating.

Welcome to Defence Collaboration and Logistics. Sincerely,

Goran Cvetanovski, Editorial Director

What do our events look like


Every year we ask for your feedback as a delegate, and every year it’s the same: more networking! So, here’s a glance of what we’ve set up this time:

Creative Talks

This discussion based session of 60 minutes is initiated by 5 Open Questions presented by carefully selected topic moderators. The topic moderators have 3 minutes to give a background of the open question and why it is important to be discussed. The 5 open questions presented in the beginning will be topics of round table discussions over the next 45 minutes. Towards the end of the session the round table moderators will present the discussion summary.

Defence Tracks

Tracks are an important part of the conference. It enables the delegates to choose between parallel sessions and organize their own conference. This year’s conference includes tracks on Supply Chain, Defence Logistics, PPP (Air, Land, Sea practical Examples) and Defence equipment transportation.


5 seats, 4 taken and one empty. Everyone else is sitting around in a semicircle. The speaker of the Fishbowl is going to be a keynote presenter of the highest degree. He encompasses vast experience from the defence sector, with incomparable knowledge is some of the topics. He knows the current and emerging trends in the business due to his many years spent in the field. The speaker of the Fishbowl is … YOU!

Technology Innovation Showcase

Join us for a cocktail reception spiced up with cutting edge technology innovation 10 minutes presentations from the Arms Industry and Defence contractors. This year we are presenting only 8 showcases. The presentations will be carefully selected by the advisory board in order to make sure that the showcases match the interest of the delegates. If interested please contact the Editorial Director.

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